“The Better Health Foundation is dedicated to educating providers and patients about the benefits of integrating alternative natural treatments.”

The Better Health Foundation is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping promote better outcomes for patients suffering from common diseases and sickness. Our founders have personal direct experiences with poor results when healthcare providers strictly adhere to traditional treatments only.

Our foundation is right now focused on one specific goal: Help transform how the majority healthcare providers view treatment programs for common sicknesses and disease. Many are not aware that there are proven alternative holistic natural treatments that can be integrated and compliment their existing treatment programs. Our foundations collects and donate thousands of dollars monthly to qualifying educational organizations and associations that promote complimentary and integrated alternative treatment to doctors and ancillary healthcare provides.

Our goal is to educate not only physicians, but also ancillary healthcare providers including the general public, patients and their families about these proven more natural treatments that compliment quicker recovery times and ongoing wellness. The use of only pharmaceutical and traditional treatment programs can often fail. Traditional healthcare treatment supplemented with other natural holistic type treatment lead to better recovery outcomes and are often proven not only successful, but long lasting.