The Better Health Foundation is dedicated to helping end the devastation the disease of addiction causes families through research and promotion of natural non-traditional treatments.

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We search for effective, nontoxic, and low-cost proven alternative healthcare wellness therapies and treatments. A percentage of your donations and support are then used to directly educate traditional healthcare providers about these therapies and treatments. Patients benefit by gaining better treatment outcomes as their medical providers compliment traditional healthcare with natural alternative treatments. The Better Health Foundation is a not for profit organization dedicated to helping patients in all demographics receive better health through education.

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We focus on specific goals: Find proven natural alternative treatments and educate healthcare providers to integrate and compliment their existing traditional treatment plans for disease and sickness. Your donations help us make sure that every American with common diseases and sickness and their healthcare providers have access and knowledge to low cost and effective natural treatments including the use of holistic programs. Better integrated natural treatments mean we can help patients achieve wellness and in some cases save lives.

Every dollar you donate is carefully used to support research, education, and key initiatives that will have a big impact on patient treatment outcomes, wellness, and recovery.